Horses and ponies vs. people

Credit : DR/Cheval de guerre

Friday 21 December - 10h22 | Maxence Magnin

Horses and ponies vs. people

Human connections are essential for development and social well-being. However, they can sometimes break down or become difficult. That is one argument in favour of ponies and horses, then, who are almost always adorable – except when they fling you off their back.

Equine attributes

Equine attributes - Horses and ponies vs. people

Credit : Sportfot

They accept cuddles without complaint. For tactile people, hugs are essential, but not always appreciated by everyone else. With a horse or pony, though, the problem does not arise as few will reject you and walk away. Adopting an equine can therefore be a good idea if you want to express some affection that will be appreciated. 

They never moan. At worst, they nip you or whip you with their tail. But it must be admitted that spending a lot of time with another living being who can not find anything wrong with you is very pleasant. And even when they express their disagreement or displeasure via kicks or teeth-gnashing, the negotiation is often clearer than with humans. 

They are always ready for just about everything. You will never see an equine say "no" unless you have pushed them beyond their reasonable limits. 

They are loyal. They will not abandon you for another rider – in fact, if anything it is the opposite that occurs. 

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Courageous and forgiving

Courageous and forgiving - Horses and ponies vs. people

Credit : Sportfot

They are always happy to see you. This is particularly the case when one arrives with sweets. Of course, people are often like that too when they are given a beautiful cake. But for horses, even when there are no treats to be had, our arrival is always a pleasure (except when it is necessary to go to work).

We have a lot in common. Whether with regard to a particular discipline or other activity, horses are often on the same wavelength as their riders. They share the same tastes (relatively speaking) and desires. There is a synergy between one and the other, and it is often easier to find that between a horse and a human than between two people.

They are not resentful. There are many times when horses and ponies could decide to banish us from their lives because of our mistakes or negligence. But no, equines can forgive and forget our little missteps. An amazing quality that deserves an extra point.

They are courageous. Whether it is raining or snowing, horses and other equines will always accompany us on our journeys. Whether walking (well, not always), in competition or even at home, few are the mounts that back down from a challenge. Examples to follow, who enrich their human partners’ daily lives. 

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