Friday 07 September - 10h14 | Lulu Kyriacou

FEI Launches New Clean Sport Campaign Ahead of WEG

The FEI has published two documents this week to make sure the coming World Equestrian Games (Tryon, USA, Sept 11-23rd) is completely clear of doping and other forms of cheating.

First,  in My Anti Doping Guide,  the ruling body for horse sport globally lets everyone know what to expect in Tryon.  The dociment has several sections all of which have useful advice for competitors and support teams.

Some of the main points are as follows;
Both humans and horses will be tested in all disciplines and human samples will be collected by USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) on behalf of the FEI. An information booth on human anti-doping will be available on site. There, you can check your knowledge and ask any question you may have.

Horse testing will be extensive and will be carried out by testing teams.  Samples will be analysed in exactly the same way as in all other FEI events. Samples analysis will be carried out at LGC in Newmarket, UK.

Athletes are the Person Responsible (PR) for the horse and carry the ultimate responsibility for them. This includes legal proceedings should a horse test positive. Members of the support team may be held liable in addition to the athlete.

FEI follows IOC lead

Based on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Campaign "Be True, Be you, Believe in Sport" the FEI has activated. for the first time ever, an FEI Awareness Raising Programme about prevention of competition manipulation at WEG. Working with the IOC, the FEI wishes to ensure that those athletes who compete clean, have the fairest possible environment in which to participate. 

The FEI document describes competition manipulation to include
Key issues related to competition manipulation include:

  • A betting prohibition means that accredited persons are not allowed to bet on their competitions, disciplines or other competitions and disciplines in the same multisport event such as the FEI World Equestrian Games™.
  • Inside information is all exclusive information (tactics, injuries, etc.) to which athletes, officials and support personnel have access. This information must be kept private, because it can be used for fraudulent betting purposes. Special care is needed for the social media where a lot of information can be posted and spread quickly to anyone. 
  • Match-fixing is normally referred to as competition manipulation related to betting. It means any improper alteration of a competition to win money through sports betting or to ensure that a bettor (who may have offered a bribe) wins their bet. Betting-related competition manipulation can affect the result of a competition, but also other minor and marginal occurrences during its course, which is often referred to as spot-fixing.
  • Tanking (deliberately losing) is to gain undue sporting advantage in a competition, for instance, when athletes lose an event on purpose to play easier opponents in the next phases of the competition.
Security at the site in Tryon is already tight with a media blackout on the horses arrival ( grooms and supporters have not been allowed mobile phones in their quarantine stables) aside from the official FEI  reports.

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