Wright Fined By FEI After Osberton Vaccination Dispute

Matt Wright winning at Blair Castle
Credit : Blair International Horse Trials

Friday 25 May - 10h43 | Lulu Kyriacou

Wright Fined By FEI After Osberton Vaccination Dispute

British event rider Matthew Wright  has been fined CHF1500 and been ordered to pay costs this month after an incodent involving vaccination discrepancies involving two of his horses while compting at CIC Osberton in autumn 2016. 

In the FEI report which was released this week,  after the decision dated 11th May, Wright was accused of having falsified the vaccination records in the passports of two horses, The Artist Almost Famous and MHS Twenty Twenty.

The report noted, “Matthew Wright passport vaccinations were not stamped correctly by a vet and batch numbers recorded. On further investigation it was discovered that injections in both passports had been added by the rider and falsified”. 

Originally Wright admitted the offence to Alison Buttler (Veterinary Delegate), Howard Newitt (Assistant Veterinary Delegate) and Simon Bere (TD) but subsequently blamed groom groom Mr Lukasz Orywal. However the FEI stated that "from the  FEI perspective, it does not matter if it was the Person Responsible (PR and in this case, the rider-Ed.)  or the groom who actually did the falsification, since regardless the PR is responsible and regardless there is still two falsifications. The PR is responsible for the documentation of his horses and also for his support personnel and it is the PR’s responsibility to provide the correct documentation for the horses he competes." 
Mr Wright  withdrew his horses from the competition. Wright has been an extremely successful competitor with top ten completions at Badminton and Burghley, and international wins at Blair and Hartpury.  Recently married to his long time partner, Wright successfully battled cancer prior to this incident.

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