CEI Fontainebleau a great success

Arthur Desprez et Verseau d'Aurabelle

Tuesday 17 October - 18h26 | Francois Lefort

CEI Fontainebleau a great success

During two days at the weekend Fontainebleau gathered 300 horsemen, spread over five races for it's internationa endurance festival. They set out on eight loops in the forest, with elevations of 200 to 570 meters and distances ranging from 60 to 180 kilometers and saw no accidents.

In Fontainebleau, eleven nations were represented, and France, which had many pilots, ranked on each of the distances. The CIS * on Friday was won by Alice Fabre with Al Baraka of Flauzin, returned with an average of 21km / h and a final loop at 29.6km / h. "A formidable horse, a rolling terrain, although very technical," commented the rider.
The 2x70 and the 2x90 kilometers have been less appreciated by the riders. The 2x90 saw 11 starters start and six of them managed to complete the race. For many breeders, riders, veterinarians and judges this division of the distance is not a very good alternative because one night can not suppress the muscles contracted after the first 90 kilometers. The first two riders arrived at a second interval, crossed the finish line after a sizzling sprint. Ludovic Saroul, winner on Rihad La Majorie, regretted the lack of competitors but enjoyed racing alongside Christophe Nogueira, in the saddle on Chams de Bozouls. "It was nice, we exchanged a lot. It was also necessary to pay attention to the traps of very technical loops, with roots not always visible, "he observed.
In the 2x70 kms, it is Lisa Quet which imposed with the well named Vainqueur of Barthas. Both were followed closely by Nina Lissarague, while the other riders finished more than an hour later.
On Saturday, 90 riders took the start of the IEC2 *. Of these, more than half were eliminated on arrival. Winners of this race, Arthur Desprez and Aquarius d'Aurabelle, eight, crossed the finish line with an average of 20.53km / h. "This horse is very strong, it gallops very naturally, a sprint is always difficult with him. Yesterday I was second in the IEC *. For these events, you need good horses that you have to work well all year round. I hope next year to make 160kms "responded Arthur Desprez, all smile.
Organizer Gilles Cabardos pointed out the intensity of these two days that saw no incident. He also paid tribute to the volunteers.  The appointment is now taken for 2018 which will again see a great festival of endurance.

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