USA Win In Rotterdam With Help Of Lucky Horseshoe

Credit : CHIO Rotterdam

Sunday 25 June - 11h10 | CHIO Rotterdam

USA Win In Rotterdam With Help Of Lucky Horseshoe

The British team could manage only 4th place in the FEI Nations Cup Dressage at CDIO at Rotterdam in the Netherlands yesterday despite top ten placings in the Grand Prix for Susan Pape and Laura Tomlinson. The USA ended up as the winners but were somewhat fortunate when one of the Dutch team lost a shoe and could not compete in the class.

The team of the United States are the winners of the FEI Nations Cup Dressage. Laura Graves won the individual InterChem Grand Prix Freestyle. Edward Gal and Glock's Voice took first place in the Grand Prix Special. Due to bad luck, the Dutch team was eliminated from the competition in the Nations Cup. Madeleine Witte-Vrees's horse Cennin lost a shoe only minutes before their test and could not compete. Under the current regulations, the entire Dutch team was  eliminated as a result. 
The FEI Nations Cup began on Thursday with the Grand Prix, in which all team riders participated and the best three results counted towards the total team score. After the Grand Prix, the Americans took the lead despite seeing their first riding get disqualified. Dutch coach Rien van der Schaft's team followed in second place.    
The final act of the Nations Cup took place tonight at CHIO Rotterdam. Two riders were going to compete in the Grand Prix Special, and both their results counted towards the team result. Madeleine Witte-Vrees, who was the best Dutch rider on Thursday in the Grand Prix, was one of the riders who was supposed to appear in the Grand Prix Special. The other two Dutch team members (Hans Peter Minderhoud and Diederik van Silfhout) competed in the Freestyle, but of their scores, only the highest counted towards the team result. With only Edward Gal's result in the Grand Prix Special to add to that, the Dutch team were eliminated from the competition.  

There was, however, individual succes for the Dutch when Edward Gal rode Glock´s Voice to victory in the Grand Prix Special.

Robert Dover, coach for the American team, was very happy with his riders' performances. ''They do whatever it takes. Last year, we finished just behind the Dutch. This year, each combination has improved even further and look at the beautiful scores that results in. It was a shame the Dutch were eliminated. I would have liked the opportunity to take them on.''

Dutch coach Rien van der Schaft was pleased with what he saw. ''Hans Peter and Edward were very good. They did what was expected of them, but there are no guarantuees they will deliver at that level every time. It's very hard, so they did a really good job. And Diederik went for it as well. He made two little mistakes, but he always manages to compensate for those with one last amazing line. This shows he's not only a great rider in the physical aspect, but is also mentally very strong. My congratulations to him for his achievements here. Emmelie Scholtens, too, has also performed very well here. She wasn't in the Dutch team, but has scored incredibly here. The fact that we were eliminated from the competition is disappointing, but that's life. Once again, I've enjoyed doing my job. It doesn't get any easier, but it does get more fun every time.''  

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