Hadzi and Rich Take Honours At Kings Forest

Taylor Hadzi with OSO Edith and her team winners of the U25 120Km
Credit : Lulu Kyriacou

Tuesday 18 April - 12h19 | Lulu Kyriacou

Hadzi and Rich Take Honours At Kings Forest

The CEI 1*/2* at Kings Forest near Bury St Edmunds in England ran several classes in addition to the internationals, tested new Endurance GB protocols and introduced a new face to European endurance riding.

 - Hadzi and Rich Take Honours At Kings Forest

Louise Rich and Czamack reach the finish
Credit : Lulu Kyriacou

Tayla Hadzi is a native of Queensland, Australia but has been working as Head Girls at OSO Endurance Arabians in New South Wales for some time. She was responsible for training OSO Edith to compete at last years World Championships at Samorin where the ten year old mare was 24th individually when ridden by Sacha Laws King and helped the team into fourth place.  It was then that OSO Stud manager Amanda Kettlewell concieved the plan of aiming the horse, together with Tayla at the coming Young Rider championships in Italy.  With that in mind the horse has been based in Somerset with Nikki Malcolm and Nathan Sweeny of Stride Ahead Horses and Tayla flew in a week ago to do the final prep and ride in the race.  The team were also responsible for the second placed horse in the senior 120km ride.

​Amanda Kettlewell said afterwards, "Nathan and Nikki are amazing, they have such attention to detail, we have total faith leaving Edith here to be conditioned for Italy."  Tayla explained that she was the only horsey person in her family and had come to OSO through a youth riding team near her home and was very much looking forward to her coming Italian trip.

​The senior CEI2* 120km was won by Louise Rich who had a busy weekend with three horses in various classes between her mother and herself.  All three were homebred at the family's Oakleaze Arabian horses but this was Czamack's first win at 120km. "Yes it is busy here, with mum and I both riding in the 64km national ride yesterday but I couldn't be ore pleased with this result, it is great preparation for Windsor next month.

New Protocols tested

The 80km national ride was used to test a new scoring protocol devised by a working group at Endurance GB to promote welfare and make the sport more attractive  to new competitors. Ester Young was officialting at Kings Forest and has been part of the group. "It isnt just this that we are doing, we are looking at a wider picture becaue we want the sport to grow and encourage new members."

​At this event, the trial consisted of giving each competitor a base score of 20 for each of the three gates on the ride plus another 15 for the finish and points could be added or deducted depending on how the horse met various metabolic parameters.  The riders and officials involved though the process seemed straight forward and was clear to understand but this was the first field trail and more will be known about its success after future trials, one of which will be at Euston Park next month. "We want something that will work together with the current FEI framework that we can aslo use for national rides," commented Ester Young, "not change the sport entirely".

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