Carl Hester-Everything since 2012 is a bonus.

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Monday 12 December - 14h28 | GPR

Carl Hester-"Everything since 2012 is a bonus."

After winning the second Olympic medal of his career this summer in Rio in late October, Carl Hester chose Lyon and his CDI-W stage of the Western European Cup World Cup to resume competition with Nip Tuck. With five Olympic Games, three World Equestrian Games, seven European championships and a World Cup final for a total of ten international medals gleaned in 25 years of high-level career, the boss of British dressage has already History of dressage. His eyes on his career, his future as a competitor, his ambitions, his vision of dressage, his work with Charlotte Dujardin and the brilliant Valegro ... On all these subjects, this eternal young man of forty-nine years confided in Grand Prix .

GRAND PRIX: How do you judge your return to competition in Lyon with Nip Tuck (KWPN, Don Ruto x Animo), two months and a half months after the Rio Olympics? CARL HESTER: Nip Tuck behaved well in the Grand Prix, where he remained calm and was not afraid of anything. Finishing at 78% and second behind Isabell (Werth, rated 83.940% with Weihegold, Old, Don Schufro x Sandro Hit, ed), it\'s a bit like winning! I am also very satisfied with our Free Music Resumption (the couple got 85.017%, by far the best score of his career). The only problem is that Isabell and Weihegold (credited with 90.090%, their personal record, ed) are getting stronger! (Laughs)
G.P .: Are you aiming for a qualification for the Omaha final next spring? C.H .: I only participated once in this final (in 2005 in Las Vegas, finishing tenth with Exquis Escapado, Old, Ex Libris x Ikarus, ed.). This winter, yes, that\'s my goal, especially since I\'m a little less concerned about Charlotte (Dujardin, ed.) These days. I am thinking of taking part in the CDI-W in London in December and in Amsterdam in January. Then I will notice according to the number of points that I will have.
G.P .: Is Charlotte Dujardin still your student or has she become your partner? Does she not show the will to fly on her own? C.H.: At the moment, there is no reason to change anything. For all that, although she is still my pupil, I prefer to see her as my \"contemporary\": she is now in the position I occupied twenty-five years ago when I was working for Wilfried Bechtolsheimer, the father Of Laura (Tomlinson, ed.). The only difference is that I have always nurtured the will to trace my own path. As for her independence, Charlotte would be crazy to leave (laughs), because I assume all the costs and all the details she does not have to worry about (laughs).
Two or three years ago, she reflected on acquiring a stable. I did not dissuade her from doing so. She looked a little here and there, but in the end, we did not change anything because everything is fine. I also believe she appreciates the team and the atmosphere at the stables. Not only me, but also the place where we work together.

​The rest of this interview can be found in Grand Prix Magazine.

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