A Dream I Cannot Believe- Roger Yves Bost

Credit : Scoopdyga

Thursday 18 August - 10h40 | Sebastien Roullier

"A Dream I Cannot Believe"- Roger Yves Bost

Roger Yves Bost, the European Champion of 2013, has now added an Olympic gold medal to his collection after the FRench won the team show jumping gold and he gave his reaction to Grand Prix.

The  third rider to go after the clear rounds of Philippe Rozier and Kevin Staut, he did not know as he entered the arena that his round could clinch the gold for France. "No one talks to Bosty when he is warming up" joked team mate Kevin Staut at the press conference! 

"It makes me feel weird being Olympic champion team," begins the rider nicknamed Bosty on the circuit. "I was a bit tired! I did not even know that we had won the gold as i came out of the arena! I had not calculated, I preferred to do my thing. When I saw them all happy at the exit I was going to ask if we had a medal, but when I saw them all crying, I got it! It was amazing. If any one had told me we were going to be Olympic champions, I would say it is a dream. I cannot seem to realize, I cannot believe it!

We had excellent momentum since the beginning of the day. All bad vibes arrived before the start of the competition! For two days it was fine. The French are always better when they have problems, it is well known! We have given ourselves, we wanted it and the  horses are in top form.

Sydney was beautiful today! She has given a lot today, I hope she will not be too tired for the individual. She signed off  a beautiful double clear. She was with me until the end. In addition, before returning to the track, I felt a little rusty in the warm up. Even as we were about to come in  on our number,  she has not made a nice jump, I had to immediately go and get on with it. This round was the longest of my life! The ground is a bit hard, there is the pressure, and the horses began to tire. Older horses will struggle. We'll have to motivate ourselves for individual now. We will try to do something! "

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