Dujardin Leads Rio Dressage

Charloote goves Valegro wa well deserved pat
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Thursday 11 August - 21h57 | Lulu Kyriacou

Dujardin Leads Rio Dressage

Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro  have scored 85.07 % to take the lead in the first round of dressage in Rio. Her score means that Spencer Wilton's result will be dropped from the team score which will leave Great Britain behing Germany when the Special starts tomorrow.

 - Dujardin Leads Rio Dressage

Brilliant Valegro

The Germans, led by world number one Kristine Broring Sprehe and Desperado, will lead the defending British just over 2 penalties  adrift of the lead going into tomorrow's Special. They have a team maerk of 81.295 compared to the British one of 79.252. The USA currently hold third sport after a fluent perforance from Steffan Peters and Legolas and an even better one from Laura Graves and Verdades, Left them seventh and sixth individually. The Dutch, having to cope without a score from a fourth team member arre Adelinde withdrew Parzival  yester day are just fourth but there are fractions in the scores. Sweden  and Denmark conclude the top six teams that wil ride off tomorrow for team medals.

​Spain did not make the cut as a team but will be represented as individuals as both Beatrice Ferrer Salat Severo Jurado Lopez both made the top thirty, although Ferrer Salat will be disappointed with her marks on Delgardo arter mistakes in the two time changes. Spain's leading lady has carried several World Cup qualifiers before her this year, before declining to ride at the Final to concentrate on preparing for Rio.

​Germany  have all four of their team in the top ten individual places, three of whom scored over 80% and hold second, third and fourth positions. Of the British Riders, Carl Hester today had an issue with Nip and Tuck  when the horse spooked but Hester maintained his cool to recover and lies 15th. Fiona Bigwood and Othilia are eighth.
After her test Charlotte spoke about her Rio experiences.
"Going in was all enjoying myself. I saw a lot of people white and shaking yesterday. I wanted to enjoy it, i have the horse of a life time, a brilliant trainer, fantastic arena I have got everything and i came out with a huge smile. i cant help but smile when i ride valegro, i think of something and he does it, sometimes i wonder how he knows. I just thought it.  a few more marks needed toorrow. Gold for the team might not be possible but we have all been in the arena once so tomorrow shoould be better. Fiona and Spencer did a fantastic job. as for Carl, he has not only to ride, he has been training us, i dont know how he does it, we wouldnt be where we are without him.  Valegro is a horse, he can make mistakes but i had a lovely time today, he always tries his hardest. As for the loud birds we have chickens and gunea fowl at home so they re used to it. This is a different experience but I am enjoying it all. I want to have the saame experience as London. Some times you have such a good time,especially in the village, where you are walking along and suddenly there is Andy Murray or Sarena Wiliams. Everyone is so friendly and we have had an especially good laugh with the American athletics team.

"As for the food, there is so much we are all going to be fatter, its amazing. I didnt stay in the vilage in London so this is a briliant experience for me. Valegro is like me, we both love food and get 'hangry' when we dont have enough. If i have food on me, i dont even need a headcollar for Valegro, he just folows me around!"

Laura Graves (USA): “I had my horse out here this morning for a little bit of very light schooling and he was so quiet and so relaxed, I popped on him again this afternoon and he was very quiet and then the wind popped up and the plastic bags around the speaker started going and he just burst into action so I was kind of happy with that! I didn’t get a chance to settle him down before he came in (to the arena) and unfortunately I didn’t ride clean today but super-happy with the feeling and the way the training is reflecting in the arena.
Can’t say enough good things about our team. Team has a lot of different meanings, and for us as equestrians in particular I think the Olympics is very special. We have the team of our horses and ourselves, and then we have our trainers and our friends and family, and we have each other - I couldn’t ask to be here with a better group!”
Kristina Broring-Sprehe (GER): “It was really good today but we did make a few mistakes. In the piaffe we lost rhythm and there was a mistake in the zig-zag. I’m very proud of him. It was his first time on a flight coming here and he was a bit nervous at first but he’s really happy here now. We are here over eight days so we are happy to begin. We have have a very strong team and Sonke (Rothenberger) and Dorothee (Schneider) were great yesterday. I hope Isabell will do the same!”
Patrik Kittel (SWE) - “I’m really happy, there was great harmony, there were some small things but at the end of the day I’m very happy. Now I can say I’ve done my third Olympic Games, it’s quite a relief when you’ve actually done it! Everything is special about the Olympics, it’s all crazy-cool, and every time you do it you can’t get enough of it, it’s the same for every sportsman, I think they will all agree with me about that. I enjoyed the test, sometimes you go in there and you just want to go home, but my horse felt really confident today. Scandic (now retired) used to be a bit spooky and scared but Deja is much more secure in herself, she’s a super character and a very sweet horse. She’s really easy, you could put her in a headcollar and ride her around here!”


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